What are handmade goods?

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What are handmade goods?

The answer to this is very simple handmade products or products which are made by hand that are made by humans instead of a machine. It is frequently seen that such goods are made of superior quality.

Handmade goods are also known as handcrafted goods, homemade goods, self-made goods. It is said that a handmade item is of better quality than a mass-produced item because the human touch that is put in a handmade product is special and can help in customisation and the required conditions are fulfilled.

What qualifies as handmade?

Any good or product that is not mass produced which means that it isn’t made by a machine but instead it is made with the help of human labour. This product should also be open to some flaws which signify that it isn’t made by machines. Products like jewellery, clothes, home decor etc which are made by hand instead of the machine are all included in the criteria of home-made or self-made goods. Goods like customised gifts are also included in this category of handmade products.

All the goods that people in villages and towns produce by not using machinery and instead investing their capital and human labour are all included in this category. Be it the handmade Diya or the stitched designer Kurtis,they are all handmade and handcrafted products.

What is the difference between handmade and home-made?

When it comes to differentiating between handmade and home-made the differentiation is simple. Any product that is made at home or in a small area shared by a group of people is known as homemade products. Handmade products on the other hand are made by hand. This does not mean that handmade products cannot be homemade and vice versa. Generally, people cannot afford to buy machines and make products at home and that is why handmade and homemade products are known to be similar. However, there is always a chance that a homemade product is not a handmade one.

Various small scale industries claim their products to be handmade because they cannot afford expensive machinery and they thus hire labour to work and to make the products.

What is the main difference between handmade and handcrafted?

If you search the difference on the web you will find that there are many definitions that talk about the same thing and yet try to differentiate between the two. The Webster dictionary defines handmade as made by hand or a hand process. While it defines handcrafted as a work produced by hand labour. Handcrafted is said to be fashioned by hand that is specifically designed and worked on by hand or labour. Handmade on the other hand is set to be made by labour but not crafted. There seems to be no major difference and the words are often used interchangeably.

What is the difference between handmade and factory-made?

The difference between handmade and factory-made is vast. When we talk about homemade goods, We are talking about goods that are made by humans. Very often homemade goods are created by families or small associations and they are crafted individually and not mass-produced with the help of a machine. Handmade products are costlier compared to factory-made products in that each product needs special effort and attention. Factory-made goods on the other hand are produced with the help of machines and thus it becomes easier to produce them. They are cheaper because they do not involve a lot of human capital. In mass-produced items there is no special effort by humans required as most of the work is done by machines. Since they do not carry a human touch factory-made products are not specialised or customised.

Items like clothes and jewellery can be handmade as well as factory-made. However, these two industries are types of industries where handmade products are more popular as they can also portray different types of cultures, the different kinds of artwork, handmade swing patterns while making the type of clothes and jewellery that the customer wants. Factory-made clothes are also necessary in their own way as they are cheaper and can be afforded by a lower section of society as well. There are various factory-made clothes that are quite cheaper compared to handmade clothes as they do not require as much time and effort as handmade clothes.

Handmade products and vintage products

As discussed above handmade products are made by human hands and carry a special touch. Vintage products are items that were very popular in a previous era and are now demanded by some people. Experts say that vintage items or items that are at least 50 years old but not more than a hundred years old. Vintage products carry a special value as they are a reflection of the olden era and have a special meaning.

Any item that is older than a hundred years is known to be an antique. Antique products have their own special value. Vintage products may be old but they have a continual interest, importance and quality that can be called classic or old-fashioned depending on the view. Vintage products are in trend again as they showed history and transport is back to a different era.

Why are handmade products expensive?

The answer to this is pretty simple. Handmade products are expensive because they are handmade. This means that since handmade products are to be made by humans it takes more time to create one single product and it takes a lot of personal effort as well. Since machines are not used for production there are chances that the handmade product has taken a lot of effort and time to be made.

Sometimes it takes a craftsman as much time to make one single product as a machine requires to make 100 pieces of the same product.

The craftsmen that are involved in the process of making those handmade goods are responsible for all the phases of production. This means that they have to obtain the raw material, select the materials that are needed, choose the colour shape and size as well. This takes a lot of time and this makes the product expensive compared to factory-made goods.
There is also one more reason that handmade products are costlier compared to factory main products. The reason is that there is no other product like that one in the market which means that the product bought is unique and cannot be replaced by a mass-produced object.

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