product sourcing strategies for artisans

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the best e-commerce product sourcing strategies for artisans

Every person who likes to Shop loves to see the word handmade on their product. However, when it comes to product sourcing for handmade goods, the best way is to source the products yourself. However that is not all, even if you source the products yourself there are still other variants that you have to deal with such as marketing, storing and transferring, and shipment, not to mention product sourcing is also required for the raw materials Using artisans.So what are the various ways by which you can turn your talent into a business which gives you profit?

Here are some of the best ways mentioned.

Firstly the question arises: Who are artisans? The answer is simple artisans or people who make handmade products, typically jewelry and custom furniture along with home decor. Artisanal products are known for their unique traits along with features that are not found in other commercial products making them very popular among certain niches.

Artisanal products are known to be better than the goods that are manufactured by a company. Home-made or handcrafted products are known to be reliable and durable and that is why human touch is required and preferred by shoppers.

Who deal Handmade industry

Handmade industry is no longer restricted to being only traditional craftsmanship. Artisans can deal with all kinds of products that are handmade or homemade. For example paintings, stickers, vases, home decor, personal care products, pottery, pet products etcetera There are certain online platforms like Etsy and they specialize in homemade products.
Etsy and Amazon hand-made are some of the most popular websites which are available worldwide and are known to be the best place to sell your handmade products. We will be talking more about them in the upcoming sections.

Problem with Artisen

However the one problem that artisans face is that they are extremely talented and make the product but they lack the marketing skills required and their products are sometimes not worth the price. That is why all artisans should consider if they think that their products are worth selling or is it just an occupational hobby that you have taken up. The market out there is very competitive and wide and that is why artisans should thoroughly examine their products and take more and more time in an effort to bettering the quality of the product. It is ultimately their decision if they want to invest the time in the money required to sell their products and this or only believe that they will gain profits from their activity then they should go ahead and start working on all aspects of trading in artisanal products. Sometimes, the products do not sell for what their worth, and all your time and effort may get wasted. There is also a chance that you have put in more overhead costs while producing than the price for which the product is ultimately sold. This creates a problem but here we are suggesting to you some ways to cut down your cost and thus make more profit when you sell your products.

The Best Product Sourcing Strategies for Artisans

Obtaining your raw materials in the best way

For artisans one of the most profitable ways of cutting losses and making more profit is to practice sourcing strategies like buying in bulk and also negotiating with suppliers. This may not seem like a big step but it can help you to minimize the overhead cost. For example, you should check online directories and other social media communities to find out which are the places that specialize in the material that you require. When you find the supplier that suits you buy in bulk so that you don’t have to keep repeating your order and that you save the cost of shipment. Do not back away from negotiating because there is always a chance that the negotiating will help you to reduce your cost. Even though artisans don’t have to worry about the competition for certain raw materials, it is important to follow the sourcing strategies that we have put up because this can help them in the long run. When you take up a hobby and convert it into business there are some specific strategies that can really help you to smoothen this transition.
Sourcing your raw materials correctly is as important as sourcing the products that you would. It is important to not overlook the overhead charges that are invested in creating a product since ultimately they will decide if you make a profit or loss. small-scale industries and artisans have to be very careful while sourcing the raw materials.

Be open to customising your products

One of the main advantages of reducing handmade goods is that you have the chance to be open to customization. Customization attracts a lot of customers and it can be really beneficial as machine goods cannot be customized according to the customers’ needs. You do not need to customize your product completely; some small changes can also make a huge difference. For example, changing the color according to the customer’s choice or writing the name of the customer on the product can be a good way to customize your product. You can also offer the customer a chance to write a message or names or initials or date right onto the product and this creates a special effect.

Customers all over the world today prefer to buy handmade products because they can be customized and tailored according to their needs. This is why it is very important that you keep their options open and accept their needs and demands. Even though a small change does not make a very big difference to you it is a big step for the buyer sometimes. Nowadays, customized items are in trend. Some customized products that are available in the market include customizing T-shirts, customized phone cases, customized photo frames, customized laptop covers, customized stickers, customized pens, and jewelry. Customers are sometimes willing to pay more for a customized item since they know that the process has to be altered according to their needs. This is a big reason that handmade products have become something of a trend right now.

Follow retail marketing strategies as well

Keep an eye on all the upcoming sales and discounts that chain stores offer. This can help you to receive your products at a lower price rate or you can refer to a supplier and negotiate with him to get better prices.

This means that if you source it from places like huge market areas then they will have particular discounts and schemes that you can make use of to improve your own business. However, do not worry even if you source it from a local sourcing agent. In such a scenario you can simply discuss and form relations in a way that benefits both of you and the prices are affordable as well. There are various product sourcing strategies that you need to follow when you are trying to gather crafting materials from various retail arbitrage sellers. You should try to keep a check on when they are reducing the prices for their products and try to learn the mark-down schedule. Chain craft stores are a great way to buy products because they offer various sales and the sales can be beneficial to you. You should sign up for emails and provide your phone numbers because they often announce sales and promotions a day or two earlier via phone numbers and emails. This may help you to be in touch and keep an eye on the store without having to visit it often.


The conclusion above is that the toughest part of being an artisan seller is that you have to work both as a manufacturer and as a marketer. These are both time-consuming and tiring jobs as we need your full-time attention. However, there is no need to be upset. You can deal with both of them with ease if you know how to employ better strategies that help you to manage all the jobs that are related to handmade and homemade products. For example, if you buy your material in bulk, you will not have to worry about sourcing that product for a very long time. This will give you a longer period of time to worry about more upcoming and important matters that need your attention. The more you work on coming up with better strategies, the better it is for your business. However by following proper strategies you can get the best of both worlds.

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